Fourth coordination meeting in Madrid

The fourth coordination meeting of the INV Project was held in Madrid at 4–6 June 2014. This meeting focused on the testing of the model in each participating countries.

After having held the national level trainings for the professionals, the testing of the model have been started in all participating countries.  The first overall impression was positive, but the managers of the national activities have accountered some problems, e.g. that the professionals had not enough time or not enough motivation to apply the model tools, such as the self-observation register.

In one of the organizations, where the leader of the organization was strongly motivated, less drop and better motivation of the professionals was achieved. From this fact and from the opinon of the participating care-takers and other professionals working directly with intellectually disabled persons it was concluded that the managers and professional leaders must be familiar with the INV model and ensure apropriate amount of time for self-observation and team meetings.